Holiday 2012 Sneak Peek #5


Here is the next addition to the 2012 holiday collection! As I was writing this one I was snickering a little at the idea that Santa has a “maybe” list…like a “B” side for the nice list. Folks who have stepped in it here and there, but are pretty much all right in his book. I then pictured Mrs. Claus (we all know that's who really gets stuff done up there) forcing him to sit down and finalize the list. He hems and haws but ultimately knows the old lady is right and sets to it. (I have a tiny bit of an active imagination…)

I like to think that I have gotten up to enough stuff throughout the year to teeter right on the edge, but nothing so bad that it leaves me with a hunk of coal. Here's to the teeterers! To you, I raise my mug of cocoa (with Bailey's in it, once in awhile) and wish you an adventurous new year!


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