Holiday 2013 Sneak Peek


Hello all! I am just coming up for air a tiny bit after a lot of chaos action around here. We came back from the Stationery Show and launched right into our big move to our new grown up space (more to come on that…as soon as I can take a picture without a stack of cardboard boxes in it…) and then I headed down to Dallas for the gift show and to shop for Marmalade for Christmas. These babies and I have been busy! Don’t worry… I have been mostly supervising. The girls have been busier than I have and I am so grateful they are all such bad a$#es! Thank you Emily, Molly, Katie, Lauren and Marisa (and all that helped!) for making this all happen. It will be fun soon. I promise!

All that, and I am hustling to make deadlines for the July shows! Here is a quick sneak peek at one of the 2013 Holiday releases. This batch is shaping up nicely, and this one pretty much sums it up for me. Though, I think my Paris days are a little further off than I would like. In my mind, I go there often.

Hope you love it!


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