January 2013 Sneak Peek!


Good morning! I am taking a tiny break from studio time to share the first new addition to the Curly Girl fleet for 2013!

This one makes me really really happy as it reminds me of some of the greatest moments in my life and has a lightness to it that I love.

When I was in high school, every time I did a play or musical, opening night my mom would give me a starfish to mark the special occasion. They made me feel special and recognized and like we had a little collection of commemoration between us. I still have them (they are in my bathroom now) and even though to the average user of my bathroom they look like ocean-inspired decor, when I look at them I see my 'star moments' and always think of my mom. She made me fee like I was standing there sparkling, just for a minute.

My intent was to make a 'celebration of you” card, that was perfect for giving to someone having a really sparkly moment, whether it be a birthday, or shower or graduation, opening night or something big like a wedding, I like to think that it works for all of those. Hopefully you will have many many sparkly occasions to use this one in the coming years.


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