January 2013 Sneak Peek #5


Hello there and happy Friday! I can't believe how fast time moves sometimes. Don't blink!

Here is another January Sneak Peek for you! It was inspired by a conversation I had with my dear friend Kelly Rae Roberts one afternoon. Though she and I live on opposite coasts of this huge country, we get to see each other a decent amount and periodically spend a good chunk of time on the phone just basically unloading on each other. We both lead lives and careers that give us cause to be exceptionally grateful but those lives and careers are also a lot of hard work, an endless amount of juggling and decision making and a huge amount of responsibility. Responsibility for our livelihoods, our careers, our family's livelihood and responsibility for our art and voice and soul's purpose. We have that stewardship in common, and though it is a blessed journey for the most part, it is not without it's frustrations and limitations and just plain crappy days.

So, when I get into a pickle, or state of mind, or have an issue that I am having trouble navigating, Kelly is on my short list of people to call. The day of this conversation, it was her turn. She was suffering from a restlessness about her purpose and career and the 'next step' and all the energy that goes with that. It can be profoundly unsettling, and I totally got that. She wrote about it here, The feeling of everything feeling a little bit harder than it should, like too-tight pants (another feeling I am familiar with unfortunately…) everything feels a little off. Or a lot off in many cases.

“It just doesn't feel joyful She said, in her lovely way.

And in my usual, somewhat overly pragmatic way I replied: “No, but it's useful.”

I am a firm believer that “what doesn't kill us, make us smarter“. There will be bumps in every road, things that suck to go through, that challenge every part of us (even parts of us we didn't know we had) but in all of those moments, those non-joyful moments, we will make tiny adjustments. We will bob and weave and stay afloat and use that discomfort to navigate our best path.

For many of us, and if you have found your way to my blog, I am including you as my “us”, which is to say, I am assuming you are a seeker and an adventurer and lover of life (not to put too fine a point on it….) for us, it is not about smooth sailing all the time….it is about testing the sails, and building a better boat. This card is dedicated to Kelly, and to all of you boat-builders.


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