January 2013 Sneak Peek #6 (Last one!)


Hey all! Happy 12/12/12!! Here is the 6th and final new release for January 2013!

When people ask me what my favorite card is in the line, I usually say whatever is newest. I am fickle like that… new shiny things catch my attention easily. But it is also because I have recently spent time with them and they are near in my heart and mind. This one falls into that category. But I think I love it most because it perfectly encapsulates a part of my personality that I have worked hard to earn.

The pointy end.

That's not to say that I crave violence (though, I always did relate to Jo in Little Women while admiring the inherant goodness of her parents, sighed: “but I rather crave violence”) but the feisty part of my personality has become a good tool for me. It has allowed me to know my own mind and stand by it. It has allowed me to learn to negotiate and state my opinions. It has helped me learn to stand up for myself and what I believe in.

And most of all, it doesn't take any crap.

It is not a finely tooled mechanism just yet… my 'spirit'  has gotten me in trouble before and I am sure it will again, but it has accomplished more than it has destroyed and I am proud of that.

This one goes out to your moxie. Wherever you may keep it!

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