January 2014 Sneak Peek!


It’s that time again! Time for tradeshows and travel and razzle and dazzle on the business side of things over here. It always seems to bring the ‘vacation mode’ of the holidays to a screeching halt and snaps the new year into something of a sharp focus. We have so much to do! Only 12 little months to do it!

Some day I will be the kind of business owner and boss that thoughtfully plans out our next year’s goals and schedule a tidy few months before the end of the previous year. My staff will take comfort in knowing what lies ahead and where we are going to put our collective energy, and feel secure that the new work will flow from my studio in a tidy and timely manner. Until that day, I am the business equivalent to the pop tart that you eat in the car on the way to school while you finish getting dressed in the car.

Or something like that.

I hope that it is one of my more ‘charming’ qualities.

Alas, this release (Wished For You Greeting Card) made it to the printer just under the wire. And by just under the wire, I mean late.

That does not make me love them any less, and frankly, I think I do some of my best work under pressure.

This one was obviously inspired by recent additions to my life. Like many things, I couldn’t have written about it until I lived it. This is what I want to tell my babies about how glad we are they are here and how we feel like we pulled them right out of the stars in the sky.

This one is for Graham and Ruby.



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