January 2014 Sneak Peek #3!


Good morning!! Here is the third installment of our January release for your swooning pleasure! For those of you wondering, these will be up on our website around the beginning of February and wholesale customers can order them right now! In fact, some of your favorite stores are ordering them as we speak since I am writing to you from the Atlanta Gift Show. 

I know, whoa. 

Anyway, I am being fresh as a result of too much fluorescent lighting and recycled air. 

This one makes me very very happy. Not only because it features my beverage of choice, but because it was made for a very special, very sparkly lady. Emily has worked for Curly Girl for over four years now and is quite possibly the most effervescent person I know. Everything about her sparkles and where that might be totally annoying in some people, it is so authentic and contagious in her that you can't help but get a little on you. I appreciate Emily for many many things, but her ability to put a little shine into anything she does is worth a toast…or two. 

So, this one goes out to Emily and all of our glitter girls. Sparkle on!


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