May release sneak peek #1 !



Hello! Spring is finally starting to show up around here and my general funk and state of constant irritation is beginning to be replaced with hopefulness and effervescence. Well, I won’t over do it…

Needless to say, for those of you tuned in to what New England has been like for the past 8-10 weeks, we should get a prize if we didn’t drink ourselves into a stupor, punch a stranger or lose anything important like keys or a small child in the snow banks. (I am still keeping a keen eye on them as they melt for surprises.)

Though I have been very busy complaining about the weather, I have had some time to get into the studio to make some new stuff for y’all. We will be returning to the National Stationery Show this year after a wee hiatus and will be debuting a bunch of new things including a few new card designs. I will be sneak-peeking them here!

This card has been a long time coming and is about the best of the bests. The friends that become family. The soul-sisters. The family you choose. You get the gist. For me, many of the women who fit this description live far away which is bittersweet and hard at times. I miss them horribly and constantly wish they lived next door (in one gorgeous well-equipped house of course) and the baby monitor signal would reach to their front porch or kitchen counter. Not that I’ve given it any extensive thought…

I made a few pretty terrible time-lapse videos of the creation of the artwork for this card, which makes it look like I work SUPER fast. I don’t. But it’s pretty cool. Also, I am binge-watching The Mindy Project the whole time so that explains most of the long pauses you see.

So, promise me you’ll send it to the ones that get you the best. Pinky Promise?

What do you think? Know the ones?


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