May release sneak peek #2


dadcard-sneakpeekCan I get a drumroll please?! Or a parade maybe? (Fanfare! We’re gonna need some fanfare over here!)

It only took me 12 years to write this card for dads. For my dad, specifically.

It is not because my dad is not wonderful and amazing or because our relationship is complicated and I had a hard time approaching the subject, or because I thought he didn’t need to be told how much I appreciate him in 3 lines or fewer.

It’s because I was stumped.

For 12 years.

Stumped! Every time I sat down to write something thoughtful and meaningful without being sappy or cliché, I came up blank. When I tried to be funny, I hit themes that had been done before, or were not universal enough. Then I realized why most Father’s Day cards (that I have totally bought!) say: “Dad, You’re the Best!”.

Which is, at root, (finally!) what I am trying to say here. Dad, you’re the best.

But also, I am better because you are.

So this one’s dedicated to my #1 blog reader, Mike Standley. Thanks for always having the ladder handy. I love you. (Sorry your card took so long.)

What do you think? Got a star-hanger in your life?


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