May 2013 Release Sneak Peek!


I have been working away these last several non-spring (sigh.) days in the studio getting ready for May releases. It is really for the best that it has been not warm and not springish outside. I would have a very hard time focusing if that were the case. So, you can thank the groundhog for this next series of sneak peeks!

This one is a little bit of a reminder to myself, and to all the little voices inside all of us that say we can't or shouldn't or have no business being. I wrote this awhile ago and created the artwork several days ago, but today I was reading this post on my friend Andrea's blog and I realized that what she is talking about is exactly what I meant to communicate. Only my job is to distill it into three lines or less.

This goes out to the biggest, shiniest, brightest, sparkliest, limitation-free versions of yourself. Be reckless, sometimes you must.

P.S. This is also a tip of my hat to the graduating classes of 2013. Some of whom are near and dear to my heart and are already giving their limits a nudge. Go get 'em girls!


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