May 2013 Release Sneak Peek #4


Hello! Here is the next addition to the May release, fresh from the studio. This release is taking its sweet time for some reason. Apart from all that has gone on in Boston recently to distract, I feel generally scattered. I am sure it has something to do with pregnancy, but I have really intense moments of inspiration, clarity and focus, that are heartily offset with an inability to focus on much of anything and a slight feeling of detachment. It's strange. So, I am trying to go with the flow, and really capitalize on the moments when the energy is there and let myself drift a little in the rest of that space.

This one is a little cheeky, but it is meant to speak lightly to the idea that what we need, we will get. The concept of abundance and non-scarcity is big for me in this year of “plenty” and I tried to distill that concept into its simplest form. Lemonade from lemons. Cake from the rest.

It is also about making delicious things out of the most basic ingredients. There is art in there.

Hope you enjoy it…love to hear your thoughts!

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