May 2013 Release Sneak Peek #5


Hellooooo! Here is another addition to the May release. Yes. I know, it's May.

Don't judge me.

I am so fortunate in my life to be surrounded by people who love food. My dad and brother are excellent cooks, several of my close friends are solid enthusiasts, and a few are professionals. Together we share a love of nurturing and building our tribe with food and around tables. Though, as you probably know by now I love to eat, the thing I love most about these gathering times is the other stuff. The sharing of stories, the passing on of family history, the laughing and the wishes made over clinks of a glass. These things make even the most regular food taste better.

This one goes out to my Dad, who would wholeheartedly agree with this sentiment, and to my friends and their tables…wherever they are.


Who is this about for you?


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