New Card Sneak Peek #2


New Card Sneak Peek #2


“Sometimes the only difference between sinking and swimming is whether or not you’re enjoying it.” I swear, if I have learned one thing about life in my nearly 40 years that is the sum of it.

This card goes out to several of my younger selves, my current self and all of my future selves. And to all of yours. It always feels like we are in the middle of something that we just need to get through to get to something else and yet, in that mess (that constant mess… ) is where everything lives. That is where we live and breathe.

This is a reminder to myself (and hopefully yourself) that even when it all feels overwhelming or out of sorts, especially then, to not dismiss those times or wait them out. Soak them in. Listen to them and try to appreciate them for what they are. Because, lovely or not, organized and beautiful or not, they are my life. My one, messy, beautiful, gift of a life.

The real magic of this card though, visually, is that there is glitter all over her hair under the water… sadly, you can’t see that in the flat scan, so you’ll just have to take my word for it. The magic is in there.

This card and other new product go live on our website next week… I would love to know what you think!


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