New Card Sneak Peek (well, sorta)



Hello! Happy New Year! I am back from my semi-internet break (of course I could not quit Instagram…babysteps…) and have already met 2015 with a chest bump. Things are full steam ahead, and though I actually did get a little break with my family over Christmas, it seems like a distant memory somehow.

In my life (and those that call this traveling circus of a gift industry home) the year starts big with one of our most important trade shows in the first week of January. Why someone thinks this is a good idea, I will never know. It would be so much more civilized sometime after mid-month, but I am not the boss of that. We do some of our biggest releases of the year, see lots of friends, vendors, customers and start off the big dog n’ pony that will be winter show season. It’s fun. Really fun. But also exhausting and kind of stressful. I think we all need preemptive Z-packs to get through.

I have so much to share with you, including the build out of our new showroom in the Atlanta Mart but wanted to take a minute and start getting you caught up on some of the newest card releases! There are so many, so they will be sprinkled into the next few posts.

The one above is from October and goes out to all the sparkly friends that I have had the pleasure of collecting over the years. Sometimes I only get to see them on the road, or over the internet, but they make my life so much richer. I love every weird one of you. Each one “strong, sweet and sparkling… the perfect mix.” 

Do you have some favorite friends with a twist? Who is this going to for you?


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