October release sneak peek and a winner!


Hi Guys! Sorry to be posting this late…my whole family has now been picked up from the airport and is standing around watching me, waiting for me to go into labor. Fun stuff.

Here is another sneak peek for the October release! This one pretty straight forward and hopefully a lovely way for you to tell people how much you really really like them! It incorporates so many things I love and I just had so much fun making it.

Also! We have a winner for The Vintage Pearl + Curly Girl Giveaway! Thanks for all the great comments! I am so excited about sending out this prize! It's pretty great, if I do say so myself!

Sexy Random Number Generator picked: Carrie McBride! Congratulations Carrie! Please get in touch with Lauren in our office by Monday afternoon so she can get all your vitals and send out your prizes!  Lauren@curlygirldesign.com

Thanks to all who participated! Would love to hear what you think about the new card!


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