Sneak Peek #3 – Spring 2011


Peacock Greeting Card

Peacock Greeting Card

Good day to you! I was up late finishing up this little pretty for the Spring 2011 release and wanted to share it with you! This is a card I have been wanting to make for a long time but didn’t have the right image. I finally decided on a peacock (which was so fun to make…and kinda hard…I have ‘the claw’ right now from my tiny scissors…) because they are so beautiful and different and pretty much just have to walk around with all of their gorgeousness trailing behind them in plain site all the time.

I thought, what a reminder that would be if each of us had to wear all of our amazing qualities on our person each day. Like a beautiful, sparkly cape or headdress that we put on every morning as we got dressed. Something huge and un-ignorable that said:

‘Hey  you! Remember, you have a big responsibility today. You have to go out there and shine, and be brave and make this world a better place. Now, put some mascara on, and get out there!”

I am pretty sure that’s how peacocks feel everyday. Minus the mascara part.

So this one is to tuck in the bathroom mirror….


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