Spring 2012 Sneak Peek #2!


Oh hello there, I am writing you from my third consecutive day in studio. It's incredible how even though this is part of my job, that phrase sounds like “vacation” to me. Third consecutive day in studio. May as well be “warm tropical breeze” or “national holiday”. Ok, warm tropical breeze might be taking it too far, but you get the picture. I actually really love my work, and these studio days remind me how lost in it I can get.

This is the second addition to the line for May (yes, I know, sadly, these won't be available until May) and it is one I have been thinking about for awhile. It is about contrast. And faith.

Contrast to help us keep connected and hopeful and faith because sometimes faith is the only thing that stands between the light and the darkness. Sometimes faith is the only way out and the only way through.

And sometimes it takes a little dark to see the bright bright lights all around you.


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