Spring 2012 Sneak Peek #4!


I spent this weekend working in the shop and in the studio. It was an all-together pleasant time and I must admit to feeling quite accomplished.

This little card is in honor of my great love for the sea. Ever since I was very young I felt drawn to the ocean, or felt I needed to be in and around the water in some way. This, as you can imagine, is a bit of a challenge growing up in Missouri (unless you are fond of the muddy waters of the Mississippi). I took to swimming at a very young age and swam competitively until I was 18. Burnt out on butterfly, I moved on to rowing in college and learned to fly on the water using oars instead of arms. When I took out on my own I had no concrete plans, but a very specific destination: by the sea. I landed in Boston and have been here ever since.

If I am ever missing, look for me at the water's edge, on a beach or in a boat. You will find me there. Wherever I am in my life, whatever is going on, I know that I can count on the waves to calm me, the salt air to heal me and the great expanse of the sea to put me rightly in my place. You can never feel too big for your britches when you are standing near the ocean. It is always bigger and deeper and more powerful than anything you bring to it. That has a wonderful way of keeping things in perspective.

This one is for all the mermaids…


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