Spring 2012 Sneak Peek #6!


Happy Monday! I hope you all had wonderful fun-filled or at least productive weekends! Mine had just the right balance of celebrating (a friend's birthday), catching up (on sleep) and being productive. Oh! AND watching the Jayhawks eek their way into the Final Four! (yes! we are still watching basketball…but on the couch together…)

I finished up this piece this weekend and I am just in love with her and her inner tube!

The concept of “being where you are” has been coming up a lot for me lately. In my own life and in conversations or experiences with others. I have been thinking on it a bunch, and wanted to put this out there as a lobby for all of us to take a deep breath, and a look around, and allow ourselves to feel the little successes in our lives.

This is not a 'get a ribbon for showing up' conversation, but more a recognition that sometimes, just getting out the door with all of your clothes on and showered is a little victory. That all the things that you think are getting in the way of where you are going, are things that require your energy and attention and are real. Showing up for them is a success too. That each of the steps on the way (even if it is a step back), is a step for a reason, and being present with it is worth it.

We have visions for ourselves and put a lot of pressure on ourselves to “make it”, “be it', “do it already”, and while some of that is good and motivating, sometimes we need to get really honest, and really ok with being right where and what we are. That is how things are done authentically, and that is how things will feel the best. And that is something to be celebrated. And something to be happy about.

Being where you are is very different from being who you are, but not often less complicated.

So, this one is for all of the little steps and little victories.


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