Summer 2011 Sneak Peek #1


Ok, it's like sneak peek overload this week, but I am trying to be ahead of the game a little bit, as well as stave off stress from all the hours working on 'big' Marmalade (I PROMISE photos soon!) but I have been in the studio nights and it has been really productive!

This is a little homage to my undying love for the flapjack. I know, food again but…it's cake. For breakfast. I can't think of a better way to start a fresh new day. For that matter, I don't mind having them at the end of a day or right smack in the middle. Coach occasionally worry/jokes outloud that I love food more than I love anything else. While he is wrong, I can understand his concern.

So this is me, constructively, expressing myself. Now, pass the syrup.



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