Summer 2011 Sneak Peek #2


Here is another sneak peek for Summer 2011. Life’s a Ride makes we smile a bit because it has a tone to it that reminds me of home. Every region has its colloquialisms, and the Midwest is certainly chock-full of them. We throw around idioms in regular conversations as factual reference. “Well, she outta know that a bird in the hand is as good as you-know-what!” There is an earnestness about this way of speaking that both makes me snicker a little and warms my heart at the same time (and don’t think for New York minute think that I don’t do it myself!).

I remember my Mom yelling at me and my brother (when we would vacuum up pennies with the vacuum cleaner): “I’ll tell you when you’re rich enough to throw away money!!” That runs through my head every time I see a penny on the sidewalk…and now I have to pick it up!

My dad would say that someone was “wound up like an eight day clock” if they were talking fast or acting hyper. These things sneak into our lexicon, and our way of thinking and seeing the world. So when I wrote: “…keep going around ’til they kick ya off” , it reminded me of something my Grandma or Nana might say.

I guess a leopard can’t change her spots and the apple doesn’t fall far…


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