Summer 2011 Sneak Peek #4


Hi All!! I am currently in my adorable hotel room in Columbus, OH after a fabulous day with Sarah from Helen Winnemore's. Sarah has treated me to such a lovely day today and I am so blissed out right now. Thank you Sarah for making me feel so welcome and so taken care of!

Tomorrow I will be at her adorable shop all day signing things and chatting and eating pink macarons! (mmmmmmmmm!) Please oh please swing by if you are anywhere near!

Here is the last Sneak Peek for Summer 2011!

This one has been in the hopper for a while, and there have been various moments, various stories and various friends I have wanted to put this into the world for. But the moment seemed right, right now. It is about so many things; the willingness to love, and the willingness to love yourself, the need to sometimes let it go, and the ability to forgive yourself for hanging on, and patience. It is a lot about patience. It's about the courage it takes to leave something behind, or change something that you know for something that you don't on behalf of your own good and about the freedom that always always comes with that.

Right now, this one goes out to the possibility of all of that for some hearts dear to me. And of course, hearts dear to you too.

Let me know what you think!


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