Summer release sneak peek 1


Good morning!! I hope you are all waking up this Monday morning a little groggy from the fabulous weekend at the beach that you had, or the long summer evenings being outside with friends. It was a splendid weekend here in Boston, and though I was in studio for most of it, I did poke my head out now and then. There was something 'slow' in the air this weekend, maybe so many people are on vacation or it's just so warm that they are outside well into the night, but it was the first time I noticed time feeling long in a good while. I remember summer nights feeling like this when I was a kid, but adulthood has quickly removed any stretch available in time.

I was grateful for this feeling, and so I made you this.

This is in honor of the tiny 'nows' that are available to us all the time and the bundle of little things that make up the big things that we want. This is in honor of the moments that we grab a hold of those nows and let them root and grow and become something better in ourselves. This is in honor of you.


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