Summer release sneak peek 3


Thank you ALL for your wonderful feedback on the “Teacher/Educator” card!! I loved hearing your reasons and enthusiasm on the subject! The overwhelming support was for “Teacher” as I suspected, and I have to say, I agree. First thought, best thought I guess. I agree that many different kinds of people in our lives are teachers and that 'educator' has a more formal tone to it. So, “teacher” will go to print! Thanks for your help!

Here is the latest (very very late) addition to the 2012 summer release and I have to admit to being kind of in love with her.

“Adventure” is a common theme with me, but in this case I wanted to speak to the adventure that lies within choice. Now, I don't promote recklessness (though, it is sometimes necessary) and certainly support responsibility in decision-making, but here I am making a case for the not-safe choice. Not the unsafe choice, that's different.

The 'not-safe' choice is the opposite of the choice that you make because you know exactly what will happen and how it will all play out, and even though it might not make your heart sing, it does not involve any risk. Risk is the scary part.

Risk is where the growth happens.

Now, that does not mean that you should bop around taking risky chances willy nilly. Heck, this is from someone who cannot watch scary movies and gets hives during that show where people catch Catfish with their bare hands. (but, c'mon! That seems unnecessary!) But every now and again you will come upon a decision you have to make or a moment where you have to choose, and every now and again you will get that feeling in your stomach and the decision will be extra hard because it has a twinkle in it. That twinkle is the promise of something that awaits you…and it's usually your LIFE.

This one is for the seekers.


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