Summer release sneak peek 4


Hello! Here is the final July release! Phew! Just under the wire…I leave for the Atlanta Gift Show tomorrow and these should be ready to ship by 8/1 (or so…) probably the most uncomfortable turn-around in Curly Girl history (thank you Emily!). This is the final card release, but there are a couple of new product surprises that I intend to show you this week…as soon as I get my bags packed, get my game-face on and get my booty to Hot-lanta to dazzle up the showroom.

When I thought about what brings me and my close friends together and what we enjoy doing together I thought of many things. We are all pretty adventurous, like to stay active, we travel together and try new things. My girls are up for anything from workshops to dorky touristy things. We shop and eat and drink and talk and talk and talk.

When I was envisioning these things that we do together, somehow the little mental scenarios always ended up over a glass of something and a plate full of snacks that involved cheese. We love cheese. Like, really. love. cheese. In fact, the more I think about my life and friendships and cheese's role in them, I think we may have underestimated cheese as a unifying force in the universe.

Think about it.

My deepest sympathies go out to all of the lactose intolerant. I hope your friendships have not suffered.

All hail cheese!


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