2011 Holiday Gift Guides: From Marmalade


Ok kittens! It's getting down to the wire! Many places (including Curly Girl and Marmalade) consider this the final cut-off shipping date (pretty much for 2 and 3 day UPS shipments). So click now or forever hold your peace! In honor of this busiest week for our friends in brown, I thought I would tempt you with a few of my faves from Marmalade.

Now, because we don't have a functioning website for the shop yet, you will have to call and talk to an actual human being to place your order, but we like to think of that as quaint. Old School even. Think: Little House on the Prairie. Ok, it's not that bad. You just have to call us and have us ship it to you. We are really nice.

To order any or all of the below items call us at our shop Marmalade: 617-484-0093 and tell us you saw something on the blog that you loved and can we ship it to you? Please and thank you.

Here are some of the brightest and shiniest things in our shop:

1.) Cluster Initial Necklaces: These are a nice take on the classic monogram necklace, but with a quirky twist. Each gold-vermeil letter comes with its own set of baubles and charms. Chains are 17″ and lay just right. (colors are as shown, they are not interchangeable)

2.) Orange 'Carmen” Scarf: This gorgeous statement of a scarf is as warm as it is stylish. Made by artisans in India of 100% merino wool this will be her favorite winter fling.

3.)”Milk” Scent Diffuser: This is Coach's favorite scent. He even asks me to bring it home from the shop! A beautiful, fresh, 'laundry-ish” scent is perfect for any room in your home. Made with essential oils, these diffusers, which are made in St. Louis, will never overwhelm you with scent or be too perfumey. Just a perfect, mellow addition to your home.

4.) Yellow Crewel-work Pillow: What a little spot of sunshine this is!? A perfect throw pillow for any little place that needs a pick-me-up.

5.) Tiny Ugg-shaped Lipgloss: I love these silly little things! The sole of this tiny winter boot is filled with lipgloss. Perfect for your little Ugg and lipgloss-obsessed  friends!

6.) Spartina Silver Dew Sling Bag: Oh! This pattern! These beautiful bags, made on Daufuskie Island, SC are just so expertly made and so beautiful you can't believe it. The shape of this bag is the perfect cross between a bucket bag and a hobo. Big enough to get all of your stuff in there, but not like carrying around a suitcase!

7.)Stephanie Johnson Cosmetic Bags: These were new for us for the holidays and are going fast! They are gorgeous with their gold star pattern and perfect-for-all-things sizes. Lined for use with cosmetics but perfect to use as a little clutch for parties. Other colors available.

8.)Fleece-lined Knit Fingerless Gloves: We have had to order these gloves multiple times this season because everyone is buying several pairs!! (I may actually be guilty of just that…) Brilliantly lined with fleece and super warm these little mitts leave your fingers free to use your various devices while keeping your hands toasty! They come in the most magnificent colors too! (Multi is shown)

9.)Chevron Throw: I posted a photo of these fantastic cotton throws awhile back and got a lot of inquiries. These are perfect for the foot of the bed or to cuddle up with on the couch. They come in navy, rust (orange), aqua, khaki and delightful. (Well, that last one I just made up).

10.) Plenty by Ottolenghi: I don't care if you rarely eat a vegetable (which if that's true, we need to talk…) or rarely cook with them, once you get your hands on this STUNNING book you will never be the same. By chef Yotam Ottolenghi, who has some fantastic eateries in London if you get the chance, this mostly-veg cookbook shows even the meatiest of meat lovers how to love the earth's bounty. Fastest selling book in the shop. Hands down.

11.) Lucky Star Necklace by Robindira Unsworth: I am not sure if it is because it is called the “lucky star” necklace or because it is so beautifully made and ever-so-slightly sparkly and hangs just right around my neck, but I have not taken this necklace off since we got this line in. Made of 22K gold (also available in silver) and one beautiful CZ I can't think of a better gift for your lucky star.

Ok! Call soon if you want to scoop these up! We look forward to chatting!


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