All That Glitters – Style Board


Happy Monday!

One of my favorite things about this time of year is that right about now the shops and catalogs are all rolling out their very sparkliest treasures just in time for the holiday season. You could dress yourself tip to tail in sequins and sparkles if you wanted this year and being someone who totally supports that notion, I have provided you with a little guide.

From the totally luxurious dream of a dress from Anna Sui (how cute would that be with a navy blazer and wingtips!?) to the unnecessary necessity: the glitter dart, (I would love a bunch of these to use as push pins…) no one will ever 'question your dedication to Sparkle Motion'.

There are so many fun options this year it was hard to limit myself to just the 12 on this board!

Now, I must go in search of a fabulous New Year's party to showcase my sequins…any thoughts?


1.) Drapey Sequin Tee ~ J.Crew

2.) Maholo Jeweled Flat ~ Banana Republic

3.) Twirl ~ Kate Spade

4.) Silk Tulle Sequin Dress ~ Anna Sui at Net-a-Porter

5.) Disc Necklace ~ Toast

6.) Glitter Dart ~ Somethings Hiding In Here at Etsy

7.) Sparkle Clutch ~ Banana Republic

8.) Sequin Flats ~ Juicy Couture

9.) TOMS Classic Glitter Slip On ~ TOMS at Nordstrom

10.) Lady Marmalade Bracelet ~ Kate Spade

11.) Bijoux Dots Pillow ~ West Elm

12.) Chan Luu Scarf ~ Garnet Hill

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