An Ode to Orange – Style Board


A good day to you!! After a fabulous and restful weekend I have decided to spend my free time (shheeah!) making a style-board dedication to my very favorite color of them all: Orange. This was so fun that I think all the style boards this summer will be color-themed! I know, you are giddy with excitement. Oddly, I actually am.


I would like to dedicate this one to the hard-working, delightfully happy and unfortunately often-relegated-to-the-rhelm-of-hunting-or-construction-equiptment color of the day. Let's give it up for ORANGE!! (pause for applause)


May this conjure for you daydreams of creamsicles, bright sunny days, big orange-wedge smiles at a Saturday soccer game, the scent of orange flower in a far off land or a garland of marigolds draped festively in a party tent on a summer night.


1.) Jo Malone Orange BlossomSaks Fifth Avenue Ever since my trip to Morocco the scent of Orange Blossom sends me over the edge with travel-fever. It makes me want to eat aromatic and savory things and wear a million gold bangles while I explore far off lands. This is a nice balance of pure orange flower water and gentle citrus that you could wear say, to the office instead.


2.) Creamsicles – have a flavor so specific and so perfectly designated that when you taste it you are instantly transformed into a 7 year old standing barefoot next to the Ice Cream truck well past your bedtime on a summer night. Or maybe it's just me. I found a great recipe for healthy home-made versions on this fabulous blog


3.) Retro Dot Underwire TankJ.Crew It's not itsy bitsy, teeny weeny or yellow, but I think this would do the trick at the beach this summer.


4.) Time Will Tell WatchMarmalade (call: 617-484-0093) This adorable resin bracelet style watch is in no way a necessity, but neither, I suppose, is a watch at all these days! Why not have fun everytime you look at your wrist!??


5.) Essie Nailpolish in VermillionaireEssie My favorite for toes anytime of year. I should never stray. I do, but I just shouldn't.


6.)Vintage 66 Tangerine Judy Hoops – Max and Chloe These are the perfect foil to a workish navy blue button down or that new maxi dress you have been meaning to wear. They make my gypsy heart sing a bohemian rhapsody.


7.)Horkelia ShiftAnthro I saw a lovely lady wearing this lovely dress and I about fell over it was so pretty. It is the most bewitching color of corally-orangish-red it would make the Snow Queen look like she'd been in Cabo for two weeks!


8.) Flutter Stripe TeeMadewell A subtle stripe is still a stripe and add a sweet tangerine color and it's a summer staple in my book!


9.) Brighton Orange Stripe SnoodTopShop white tee + his chinos + skimmers +this scarf = the perfect outfit for hitting the flea market or the farm stand this summer.


10.) Linnea's Lights Candle in MimosaMarmalade (call: 617-484-0093) We have been long time huge fans of this line of hand-poured candles, but this new scent has us reeling! Seriously, we got them in on Wednesday and have not stopped burning one since! Smells like sweet citrusy florals and a brand new day.


11.) Hesta Orange Tie-up Espadrille SandalsTopshop HOLY MOLY! I wish there were more than seven days in a week to wear these!! Nothing rhymes with orange, but I say everything GOES with it… here's to trying!

Let me know your faves!

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