Babies on (Style) Board ~ Craving: Lemonade


Even though my pregnancy these 35 weeks has been surprisingly free (knock wood) of drama, these babies have not set me free of their food demands. I have not had any strange cravings, no pickles and ice cream or midnight runs for anything (though I have made Coach stop on his way home for things), but I have had very clear hankerings from time to time. 

We are currently going through a 'sugar cereal' phase, which is hilarious because I was never allowed to have it growing up and we almost never have it in the house. I will say I may be a secret convert to Chocolate Cheerios and Peanut Butter Puffins from here on out. Sorry Kashi. 

I decided to do a style board based on my tried and true cravings, the first one being Grasshopper Ice Cream and this one being Lemonade. Actually all things citrus. I cannot get enough lemonade, limeade, grapefruit juicy things. I have never been an orange juice person but now buy it by the carton. It's crazy. Someone told me that the old wives tale is that if you crave milk & milk products you are having a boy, but if you crave citrus you are having a girl. Guess I have my bases covered there….can't say they are wrong.

I decided to focus on lemon for the board, but rest assured, if there is some sort of national shortage on limes and grapefruits, I might be the cause. Apologies.

1.) Fresh Lemon Sugar Products ~ Fresh If I could be sponsored by something I would choose Fresh Lemon Sugar products. I think I have a tiny perfume in every bag and can't get enough of the lotion and soap. In fact, there may be a bar of this soap in my closet and all my drawers because I just want EVERYTHING to smell like this. I wish they made laundry detergent. This will be on every wish list I ever make.

2.)Toujours Heureuse Ensemble Necklace ~ Elva Fields I think I could be “always happy together” with this gorgeous piece from Elva Fields. I would be willing to bet on it in fact.

3.)Mason Jar Lemonade Dispenser ~ Classic Hostess This has been a very versatile and useful treasure in our kitchen, and since my love for sparkly citrusy bevs has skyrocketed this summer, it's nice to make them in bulk. It's always a party around here.

4.)Samantha Knapp Stripe Loveseat ~ Gilt This wasn't really in the budge for the nursery, nor did we actually have room for it, but in my mind, I spend a lot of time on this gorgeous, happy, gender-neutral beauty from Samantha Knapp. If you get one, will you invite me over? 

5.) Yellow Batchel ~ Cambridge Satchel Company I just love the straightforwardness of this bag and then the whimsy of the yellow color. There are many, ahem, versions, of this bag, but these guys are the original. Go ahead, get your initials on it…live right on the edge. 

6.) Oversized Wall Calendar ~ 1Canoe2 This lovely is from my friends over at 1Canoe2 who just keep cranking out amazing. This huge calendar is such a nice change from the ordinary and the illustrations are, well, juicy. 

7.) Lemon Yogurt ~ Jeni's Ok, I changed my mind. If I were going to be sponsored by something it would be Jeni's Ice Cream. For a while, Jeni's home, Columbus, OH was hoarding some of the worlds most delicious ice creams, but not anymore! Not only is the company expanding to other locations (ahem, BOSTON PLEASE!) but you can now dangerously  conveniently order pints online and have them delivered to your door. I may have done this once or twice this summer. I may have not regretted it either. 

8.)Jeweled Ballet Flats ~ Anthropologie They had me at 'jeweled' and then brought it home with the yellow color and the (gasp!) sale price! If only my swollen feet could wear anything but flip-flops right now! I will have to live beautifully and vicariously through you. 

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