Baby on (Style) Board – Craving: Mint


Oh my gosh! It has been ages since I put together a style board for you guys! Though, I am sure you have done just fine without me, I love them and hope you find them inspiring. This little bundle of joy I’m carrying around has had his/her way with my appetite during the past 19 weeks, with more than a few cravings. I thought I would base a couple of this season’s Style Boards on these gestational demands… I will, however, spare you a ‘chicken fingers’ inspired collection. It’s so last season.

Baby wants: Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream! Grasshopper Ice Cream to be more specific. The kind with Oreos in it too. Oh HEAVEN! To be fair, I have always liked mint and chocolate together, but I have never in my life actually gotten in my car, in my pajamas after ten at night to go hunt for some. Fortunately, there is a local ice cream shop that makes absolutely the best Grasshopper and if I walk there and back, I don’t feel so bad about the whole thing. Actually, I really don’t feel bad about it at all. Is that wrong?

Mint is also a delicious color and is out there in just about every adorable way to add to your life. Here are some of my favorite finds:

1.) Mint BaublesMarmalade (617-484-0093)* This statement necklace is all you need to get your summer started off right! Top off a simple tee or a party dress with this fresh strand of sparkle and you are good to go!

2.)Jukebox Lip SalveAnthropologie handy to have in every bag, this lip salve softens lips and keeps you minty fresh. Great packaging doesn’t hurt either!

3.)Lace Yolk TeeAnthropologie this gorgeous and simple top is the perfect length to pair with those skinny white pants that are sneaking back into your wardrobe. It is slightly over-sized, but totally flattering and super comfortable. It comes in several colors….because you won’t want just one.

4.) Hobnail glass candleMarmalade (617-484-0093)* These refreshingly gorgeous hobnail glass candles are on our “best gifts” list at Marmalade. We can’t get enough of them (or keep them in stock!) and they make the perfect Mother’s Day gift! When the candle is gone, the glass makes a lovely vase. Score!

5.) Grasshopper Ice CreamMoozy’s, Belmont, MA Just in case you were local, and wanted to see for yourself. You will have to get in line though….

6.) Mint Resin WatchMarmalade (617-484-0093)* These darling watches come in loads of colors, but the mint is by far the most popular, and freshest looking! Stretches to slip on so is perfect for everybody. Stack them up!

7.) Moxi Lolly Roller SkatesUrban Outfitters Oh to live on streets without potholes! These amazingly adorable retro rollers are making a comeback and I don’t know about you, but I will take my comeback in mint green please.

8.) Cotton Stripe Scarf – My birthday is right around the corner and I think this is going on the list. I mean, stripes plus color plus cotton? Adds up to happiness in my book!

9.) Joy and Merri-mint Flats Modcloth I can’t think of a single reason not to have these. Not one.

10.) Mint Julep – Recipe here or for a bee-utiful twist on it, here. Derby is almost here and though I will not be enjoying one this year…y’all should! Cold cup, Crushed Ice. Big hat.

11.)Mint-colored paper straws Backtozero on Etsy While you’re at it… stick one of these little darlings in your julep and sip away!

12.)Mint Candy AppleEssie at Target Can’t get enough of this craving? Try it on your fingers and toes!

13.)Heartfelt Moment BlouseRuche This is a very lady-like answer to my minty craving. A subtle pattern and a dotty tie make this as playful as it is pretty.


What are your favorites? Any cravings of your own?


* Those of you wondering and waiting for a Marmalade website..the wait will be over this summer! Expect glorious things!

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