Best of the Brit


I have always loved London. The energy, the accents, the ‘old-ness’ and especially ‘proper tea’. And after my recent experience at the adorable Charlotte Street Hotel, am even more smitten. But my favorite British thing, has always been the Union Jack.

The old rule was that if “His Majesty Jack” was flying above Buckingham Palace the Queen was in residence. Home, sorting out her affairs and you know, gardening.

My love for the Union Jack is not, of course, in any way an anti-patriotic notion. I have nothing against Old Glory. It’s purely aesthetic. As a designer I find myself drawn in by the glorious semmetry and bold color distribution (nerd alert!). The negative space is mesmerizing and the geometric perfection makes me giddy. And then there is of course, the ability to be applied to pretty much anything to make a statement that has as much to do with British pride as a punk quirkiness that is sure to get attention.

Here are a few of my favorite finds:

Note: many of these are from UK-based companies as you might expect. Some do deliver stateside.

1.) Smeg Fridge ~ Smeg

2.) Union Jack Beach Bags ~ Shoes Glorious Shoes

3.) ‘The Who’ Chucks ~ Converse

4.) Sequined Clutch ~ Monsoon

5.) Steam Cream ~ Liberty (via Wee Birdy)

6.) Dan Marty Union Jack Chair ~ Dan Marty

7.) Cushion ~ Liberty

8.) Union Jack Garland ~ Amolia Mae

9.) Flats ~ The Jacksons

10.) Antique Trunk ~ 1st Dibs


Let me know what you think! Enjoy!


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