Dear Santa…



Hello! I hope your weekend was full of the best kinds of hustle and bustle or none at all! Each year I throw together a little wish list, mostly for my family,  but also to share a little of what’s on my radar this season. If you have someone on your list that is impossible  delightfully challenging to buy for, some of these ideas might help.

I have also been busy getting our shop, Marmalade ready for the holidays and we have SO many amazing and fun things this year ! We are working hard to get them loaded onto our website fast enough, so make sure you check it out! (Shameless plug)

So, though none of these treasures are from our shop, several of them come from companies that are totally worth your attention. Some of them come from the usual suspects…. of course.

1.)Fair Isle CardiganBoden I’m a sucker for a festive sweater. I know that is probably surprising. This one is prim and pretty and I plan on putting it to good use.

2.) Duck BootsJ.Crew Time to update my winter footwear and this beautiful twist on the classic duck boot might just be the thing to get me to like winter just a little bit more.

3.)Jeni’s Pint Club – Jeni’s Ice Cream Now THIS is what I call ‘happy mail’!! My favorite ice cream, delivered to my door. Quarterly. Yes, yes & yes please!

4.)Glasses & Eye Exam – Warby Parker I hate to admit it, but I think it’s time. I am squinting at this screen as we speak and though I have made it 37 years without them, I think I need some specs. It helps that there are some super chic options these days and that we have a Warby store in Boston. A trip to the shop plus the ‘one for one’ business model of WP will make getting an eye exam a little bit more bearable.

5.)Cards Against HumanityCAH I have wanted this game for awhile. Can’t wait to c0zy up with some friends and some wine and be inappropriate.

6.) Babylips, Twinkling Taupe – Local Drugstore, I am newly and completely obsessed with Babylips! My lips are freakishly dry when the weather starts turning cold and sometimes I feel like my lip balms make it even worse! This is absolutely the best stuff I have found. Totally soothing, moisturizing and in amazing light and sparkly tints! They also make an SPF colorless variety that should be in your every coat pocket! And it’s under five bucks!

7.)Homeward Beanie – Anthropologie I recently cut my hair a tad too short. This will help keep my melon warm. Plus, it’s a color combo that I can get behind.

8.)Fresh Lemon Sugar PurfumeSephora I once promised that this would be on every wish list I ever made, and I am keeping my promise… aaaand I am totally out…again! Help!

9.)Over the Ear Earbuds (with mic!)Target I cannot be the only one who can’t keep those dang earbuds in for the span of 5 minutes much less a whole workout. I don’t really care much for tech things, but this pair looked simple and useful. That’s all I’m looking for.

10.)Ugg Alena Slippers in Salt – Neiman Marcus  My slippers need a major update. These look like just the thing! Love this color!

11.)Hand Painted Globe – by 1Canoe2 for Anthropologie my darling and talented friends from 1Canoe2 designed these for OLOA (Our Lady of Anthropologie, as my friends say) and I am blown away by their originality and talent. I also have a hole in my globe collection about this size…

12.)iPhone 6 30pin adaptor – Target Due to the miracle of planned obsolescence, I have moved on up to the iPhone 6, but annoyingly all the accessories I have and love are no longer compatible. I need no fewer than 25 of these…

13.) The Always Turtleneck SweaterMadewell I have a few questions that I like to ask a sweater before I invite it into my rotation: “Are you cozy?”, “Do you cover my tush?”, “Do you look good over yoga pants so that I actually look like I got dressed today?” and “Are you a color that is compatible with the color of Lucy’s hair so I don’t look like a powdered donut?” This sweater answered yes.

14.) Alba Good Clean Scrub- (Mom, you can get it at Walgreens…) My favorite way to feel fresh faced…mine seems to disappear quickly because of another fresh faced individual that I live with that uses it when I’m not looking. I’m not naming names, but it’s Coach.

15.)Wool Crossbody – Sword & Plough I might be in love with this company as much as I am in love with this sweet, classic crossbody. Made of recycled military excess material and fabricated by U.S. Veterans, this little lady has more to it than beautiful functionality.

Ok! That, plus real peace, understanding and sparkling shiraz….

What’s on your list this year!?


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