‘Dear Santa’ – My Christmas Wish List


Hello Hello!! Greetings from crazy-ville! This time of year is always total madness and this year is no exception, with the small added detail that we have now added two tiny people to the mix. I love every crazy minute of it though (okay, maybe not EVERY crazy minute but let’s say 8 out of 10…) and having the babies has only added to the magic of the season and they don’t even know about Santa yet! Twinkle lights all around!

I clearly got the two biggest and best gifts a girl could ask for this year already, but in the interest of putting together a little wish list for family and letting you know what’s on my radar I thought I would pop in and post my own. This year is a bit tough because clothing is really not an option as I still don’t fit into anything right and I am just feeling like I don’t really need much more than time. Time to work out, time to take care of myself, time with family and friends, time with my husband. That is the most expensive thing on my list at the moment.

There are a few things here that I have wanted for a long time (Prairie Underground Hoodie, Salt Box) a few replacement items (pie weight, lotion, Hunters) and a few things a girl can dream about (Lullie Wallace, jewels, and the time to do just about anything) But here they are in no particular order.

1.) Bare Escentuals Purely Nourishing Moisturizer this is my daily. I plow through it and can always use more. It is light, and not greasy and I happen to just love all the products that BE makes…this is as excellent as the rest. Also available at Sephora.

2.)Pie Weight Disc from William Sonoma I have been using up our dry rice to par bake piecrusts for way too many years now. I have never liked the idea of pie weights because I just imagine me trying to get them back into a container after using them and dropping them all over the kitchen. The “Three-Stooges” like physical comedy that is sure to ensue is tempting, but I think I would rather not take my chances. Then I found this. Genius.

3.)Prairie Underground Prairie Hoodie I have wanted one of these for as long as I have known about them but could never justify buying it for myself. It is perfect for my current lifestyle and is a great transition piece as I come out of maternity into mamma-hood. Attention Santa: These are available LOCALLY at Helena’s and Nomad I like the grey and the purple-ish colors and need a size L.

4.)Flowers for Amelie by Lullie Wallace I am completely smitten with artist Lullie Wallace’s flower paintings. Her grasp on color and texture hits me right where I live and I would love to add this to my collection. My other current faves are the flowers she painted for Patsy & Lola.

5.)Project Life Kit I have decided that I would like to give Project Life a shot for the kid’s first year and this is where I start. Studio Calico has so much fun stuff for this project that it is bound to inspire me to give it a couple of minutes a week!

6.)ZouZou Drop Earrings from Anthro Jewelry is my sweet spot and I find these statement earrings especially sweet.

7.)Bee House Salt Box this beautifully designed salt box is also beautifully functional. Friends of ours have one by the stove and I constantly wish I had one by mine. Attention Santa: Also available locally at Black Ink

8.) Hunter Huntress Wellies in High Gloss Red I love my Hunter Classics, but I think it’s time I upgraded to red and shiny. Also, if I am being honest, they are feeling a little snug. Not sure if my calves grew or what, but this extended calf style will make sure I am able to get my skinny jeans AND my feet out into the rain. Attention Santa: size 9

9.)Time Hours have become a precious commodity and time for self-care is especially rare. It’s the first thing that we get rid of when we have to care for someone else (or a couple of someones) but that is a faulty system. In order to give the best of ourselves, we need to remain our best selves. I would love a couple of hours here and there to work out, do yoga, get a hair cut, think, breathe, you know stuff like that.

10.) 3 x 4″ Card Cutter to help with my Project Life project. And so I can make everything I can get my hands on 3″ x 4″.

That’s it! Well, that, Ryan Gosling and world peace. But you know, baby steps.

What’s on your list??


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