Ethnic Eclectic – Style Board


Good morning pigeons! It is a beautiful spring day here in Boston and when the weather turns nice and I have even had the tiniest peek at the beach as I did last weekend my style-mind snaps instantly to exotic places. I love to assemble travel ensembles that can flit from exploration of new lands to the very civilized cocktail hour at your petit hotel or (even better) fabulous camp set up under the stars. Real gypsy style.

As you can see, my imagination gets the best of me sometimes, and I may end up walking around my small suburban American town dressed like a fortuneteller, but I will admit to loving every bit of it! You never know when adventure may strike!

There are so many bright, patterned, jangling, sequined beautiful things available this season but I have picked just a few for today's expedition. I hope you enjoy them!


1.) Printwork Scarf ~ Anthropologie

2.) “Life's Truth” Jade Mala ~ Satya

3.) Skeem Candles ~ Marmalade (617-484-0093)

4.) Gold Connected Bangle Cuff ~ Satya

5.) Calypso for Target Sequin Bag ~ Target

6.) Pink Jade Large Hoops ~ Marmalade (671-484-0093)

7.) Koli Sandal ~ Matta

8.) Embellished Gauze Top ~ Old Navy

9.) Rich Hippie Organic Perfume ~ Rich Hippie

What are your faves??


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