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I have waited long enough to pay homage to another of my favorite hues. This madness mustn't continue a moment longer! A good solid bold and bright green is just about divinity. Somewhere in the neighborhood of kelly and emerald but not so far as sage or chartreuse (though I also love chartreuse, just not to wear) lies a universally flattering color that draws just the right kind of attention without looking leprechaun-ish.

This is the color that made Scarlett O'Hara look like an heiress and rescued the Von Trapp Family children from the malaise of grey wool uniforms. It is also such a pleasant surprise in home decor and everyday objects…they look endlessly happier for being green.

Here are some of my current favorite examples:

1.) You can never go wrong stepping out in an emerald slipper! These “About the Benjamins” by Poetic License are a must from ModCloth

2.) How is it that Diane Von Furstenberg can do no wrong?! This dress is perfection for any season. At Net-a-Porter.

3.) This Diana Mini Camera is a tiny plastic bundle of fun! Using real 35mm film (i know!) and tons of special effects you can kick it old school and end up with some great photo art. The fact that it is the perfect shade of green is really just icing on the cake! At ModCloth

4.) Speaking of the Von Trapps…this gorgeous pillow from labdesigns on Etsy will have you playing guitar in your living room in no time!

5.) I. Mean. Seriously. Be still my vintage-bike loving heart. In my mind, I am strapping this to the back of my Mini Cooper and heading to that villa in Spain. Holy Cow! Kate Spade at Adeline Adeline

6.) I cannot think of a single thing that this gorgeous bangle wouldn't make better. Not one. single. thing. Talisas Enamel Bangle at Fantasy Jewelry

7.) This gingham shirt will be just as cute paired with a pencil skirt as it will with your favorite jeans and wellies. Cissus Button Up at Anthropologie

8.) David Aubrey had me at hello with these fancy-pants earrings that benefit from being both green and sparkly! Win Win. At Anthropologie

9.) I had the pleasure of meeting the girls from LuluBelles at The Creative Connection this year. I was dazzled by the jewels they were wearing each time I saw them, but when I checked out their site, I knew there was no way I was getting out of there with out seven or eight new baubles. This 'Green With Envy' necklace is no exception!

So those are my favorites at the moment! Do you know of anything I missed? Do Tell!


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