Great Expectations – Style board


It is full on fall here in New England and it's got me pulling out the tights and sweaters, craving soups and ordering anything with the words 'pumkin spice' in the title. I'm not kidding. I just came home from the store with something called “pumkin spice soda”. It's even orange. It'll do.

Among the other comfort things I start craving, (I am trying to resist the siren song of sweatpants during the workday) are movies. I start longing for my old stand-bys, favorites that I can watch over and over again, stories that I get lost in, charachters I love. Then I start thinking about which one of them I should be for Halloween. This year, the honor goes to Anne Bancroft as Ms. Dinsmoor in Great Expectations.

This is one of my favorites not just because it was a favorite book of mine (though, the movie is different) but because visually, the movie was so transporting. It could have been the impressionable age at which I first watched it (back when Ethan Hawke showered), or the talented art director that rendered their world so beautifully creepy but either way there are scenes and visuals from this movie that are always fresh in my memory. So, I thought in honor of this treasure, I would whip up my first-ever style board. Here's to the dance…”Hah Cha Cha!”

1. 6-Arm gold leaf chandelier ~ The Frog and the Princess

2. Velvet Matte Lip Pencil in Red Square ~ NARS Cosmetics

3. Zibo Midnight Sheath Dress ~ Anthropologie

4. Sexy Little Things Noir Parfum ~ Victoria's Secret

5. Polished Peacock Earring ~ Forever21

6. Antique Doctor Bag ~ Jayson Home & Garden

7. Chariot sling backs ~ Kate Spade

8.Antique Tufted Settee ~ Jayson Home & Garden

9.Jewelled Floral Brooch ~ Kate Spade

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