Holiday Gift Guide For: La Belle Bohéme


Merry Monday!! I hope you had a fabulous and productive weekend! Coach and I went out in the rain (thankfully, it was not 2 feet of snow for us!) and got ourselves our first-ever Christmas tree over 3 feet!! To celebrate his finishing up his masters program (with straight A's!) and our first holiday season in our new digs, we trimmed the tree and ate homemade turkey soup and sipped something bubbly. It was the perfect personal kick-off to my very favorite season! Coach likes to joke that I would move to Who-ville if I could.

He's right.

Now that you know that, I hope you enjoy today's gift guide. This one is my personal fave so far…as it is, well all things I would give my bohemian self!

You know the type. Dresses in layers, usually with a little something sparkly or jingling in there somewhere? A creative creature, she loves her bright (but never primary) colors and swoons for pattern and texture. She adores all things meaningful and symbolic and smelly candles and exotic flavors send her reeling. She loves the smell of old books, the sound of a popping cork and has a contagious laugh. Has a tendency to travel, is comfortable in a yoga class or a hike in the hills and collects her memories in scraps of paper and matchbooks. Oh, and tunics. She cannot resist them under any circumstance and always manages to make them look just right.

If any of this sounds like someone you know, here is what to give her:

1.) Take a Chance Necklace from Kate Spade ~ this delicate gold plated adornment is a perfect reminder to believe. Looks beautiful alone or layered, as usual.

2.) Awakening Tapestry Bag from Anthro ~ I saw this bag in person and nearly fainted. It is such a lovely lovely combination of color, pattern and texture it's almost unbelievable! It is also huge. Perfect for carting around all of those things one needs to keep at hand.

3.) Lime Folklore Pillow from Patina ~ a perfect prop for her space and a colorful addition to any window seat or lonely chair. If you are in the Minneapolis or St. Paul area, be sure to swing by one of Patina's locations for a trip to swoon-ville. They also carry an array of Curly Girl goodies! Scoop them up!

4.) Kobo Candles from Domus ~ These incredible smelling candles last forever and come in the prettiest packaging! The scents range from 'fresh current' and 'champagne ginger' to 'leather and mahogany' (which frankly, smells more like 'hunky man'). You can find these in person if you are in Manhattan at this jewel-box of a boutique in Hell's Kitchen. Make sure to strike up a conversation with owners Luisa & Nikki and tell them I sent you (there may be champagne in it for you!)

5.) Sunset Scroll Tunic by Beth Bowley at Mint Julep ~ Um, it's a tunic. Enough said. Ok, it is a gorgeous, totally flattering and incredibly colored tunic from one of the cutest boutique clothing stores around! If you are in Boston or the Lower East Side of Manhattan, swing by one of their locations for a scrumptious selection of frocks and accessories!

6.) JoJo Elephant Charm at Mint Julep ~ Speaking of accessories! This elephant charm bracelet is perfect for her! The elephant represents strength and longevity and the bracelet is a classic look…with a twist. That's what she loves. A twist!

7.) Aurous Emblem Journal at Anthropologie ~ What a gorgeous place to stash all of her cocktail napkins and fortune cookie fortunes! Oh, and of course her hopes, dreams and travel plans!

8. Carmen Scarf in Plum by Moksha at Marmalade ~ I think every member of our staff has one of these in one of the several incredible color combinations it comes in. Super warm and cozy these 100% merino wool lovelies are the perfect things to wrap her up with! We have these in full stock at the shop. For help call: 617.484.0093

Got any additions for your bell bohéme? Share them!


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