Holiday Gift Guide For: The Adventuress


I have been busy putting together some quick holiday gift guides! Clearly, I should be doing other things, but just love gift giving and finding the thing that is just right (don't even get me started on wrapping! …that's coming!) So I thought I would share! Here are some of my favorite things for your favorite adventuress. She travels the world, or is just always on the go. She loves to keep her load light but is always super stylish, and likes the comforts of home…even on the road. Enjoy!

1.) City Flat from Gap ~ these are incredibly cute, have just the right ballet flat shape, extra padding on the bottoms for comfort and fold in half and fit right into a cute little bag to stick into the bag you carry with you all day. Perfect to change into after work, for walking the show floor, working retail or for a switch out of your stilettos (sheaah) for a quick walk. They come in a million colors and velvet!

2.) First Aid Beauty Detox Eye Roller from Sephora ~ This is a great addition to your carry on bag. Wonderful to keep you looking fresh after long flights or anytime you are feeling a little racoon-ish. Feels fabulously cool on your skin and is petite enough to get through airport security.

3.) Passport Cover from Catching Fireflies  ~ This cute passport cover by Anne Taintor will keep her smiling and help her keep track of her most essential travel item. Collecting stamps in style! Near Rochester or Berkley Michigan? Visit their Brick & Mortar locations and shop local!

4.) Jane Marvel Cosmetic Bag from Marmalade (web store will be up next week! until then, call Lauren: 617-4848-0093) These coated canvas cases are really hard workers and man do they look cute doing it! They can carry so much without feeling bulky and the patterns are sure to make her smile while she is putting on her face!

5.) Sugar Rose Get Away Set by Fresh ~ Fresh has to be one of my all time favorite cosmetic lines and I feel like I recommend it constantly. It is so lovely, made with good stuff, and smells divine! I was first introduced to it many years ago in Nantucket at Beauty By the Sea and have been hooked ever since! This is the perfect way to let her try some (plus they send you free samples with every order! One for you!! ) If you are ever 'on island' make sure to stop in to Beauty by the Sea (for all of your Curly Girl needs too!) and say hello.

6.) Cashmere Travel Wrap by White & Warren ~ Ok, total splurge, in fact, I got mine for my wedding reception, but if you really want to make her feel special and give her something that will become her “blankie” (maybe that was just me) this is the thing. This is the one thing I really hate to travel without. It can be a scarf, a wrap, a blanket on a cold plane, a pillow, and a super soft and cozy reminder of home while you are on the road. Unfortunately, mine was lost somewhere between security and my gate at SFO. Tear.  Bonus: some colors are on sale right now!

7.) Key-Per Quilted Duffle by Fossil ~ I am semi-obsessed with what Fossil is doing right now. Their prints and materials and colors are just so fun and keep travel gear and personal accessories expressive and cheerful! When I saw this bag I swooned a little. The perfect size for a weekend away and perfectly recognizable at baggage claim!

8.) iphone/ipod Case by tovicorrie on Etsy ~ Swoon city! Handmade? check. Affordable? check. Breathtakingly beautiful? checkity check check.

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