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I am not much one for a box of chocolates, and frankly, don't really like roses (there are exceptions of course). I am far more appreciative of unique, beautiful and delicious little delights given as gifts, and I find them much more fun to give. This is especially true if you have found the best of the best of something and just can't wait to share! What could make a better gift? So I will spare you anything heart shaped this Valentine's Day (save one), and share with you my very favorite sweet ways to say you care. Enjoy!

1.) French Macarons ~ Can't get to Ladureé? Try these yummy macarons (not macaroons – don't be so gauche!) try these from Paulette they ship all over, and how! The packaging on these beauties is almost good enough to eat too!

2.) My Caffeine Romance ~ I am not usually a fan of flavored coffees but Irving Farm makes the best coffee (period), so when they put together this festive sampler pack with delicious flavors like dolce de leche, I caved. Perfect after dinner!

3.) Penguin Pack ~ Everyone gives lobsters all this credit for matching up for life, when in fact; they just shack up together for a couple of years. Penguins on the other hand, are the real deal! Think that's sweet? Get a load of this box of chocolate penguins from L.A. Burdicks! Pretty much the cutest thing you can eat! If you ever find yourself in Harvard Square in Cambridge, MA be sure to stop by their little sweets shop for some of the most insane hot chocolate ever!

4.) Salty Oat Cookies ~ Ok, let me get one thing straight. I love cookies. Baked goods in general. I consider myself something of an expert in the genre. So when I say that these are the best cookies I have ever had. Ever. I am not being dramatic. They are so good that they are the only thing that Kayak Cookies makes. I think the chocolate ones are may favorite, but I may have to do some more research…

5.) Sofia Blanc de Blanc Minis ~ Bubbly is always fun, but it has never been quite so stylish and cute as these Sofia minis from Coppola Winery. Perfect to take on a picnic date, or chic tailgate. They even come with a demure little straw so you don't mess up your perfect red lips!

6.) Pink Marc de Champagne Truffles ~ While you are sipping your Sofia and powdering your pretty nose, better have one of these lovely little truffles from Liberty!

7.) Sweety Hearts ~ Hope and Greenwood is my very favorite sweets shop in London. If you ever get the chance to pop in, do! You will be singing “the candy man can” before you are even aware, and may even end up licking candy buttons from paper and skipping home if you are not careful!

8.) Cheese of the Month Club ~ Oh. My. Gosh. The fact that this even exists makes me squeal with glee! I can think of nothing better than to get a new delicious cheese delivered to my doorstep each month all wrapped up in possibility. Girls night? Date night? New recipe? Or just me, a few crackers and a perfectly paired wine (that I just happen to have on hand)? Endless. From Fromaggio Kitchen.

9.) Hot Chocolate Block by Melt ~ found these at Liberty and thought they were cute and clever. Just stick them in hot milk and stir and you have yummy hot chocolate!


Have a 'best of the best' to share?? Please do!!

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