Morocco My Way


During our week in Marrakesh, we learned alot about Moroccan interior design, color ways, symbols and the way people live there. Holly Becker of Decor8 led us through inspiring creative sessions to help us identify and use some of what we learned in our own creative endeavors. Now interiors are not my career (just a mild, ahem, obsession) but I so love these elements and looking for them in modern ways that I decided to do up a little styleboard. There are so many lovely modern finds that incorportate Moroccan style elements that it can be a fun way to add a little piece of a far away place to your life!I think Holly would be proud!

1.) Tile Jaipuri Rug ~ Calypso

2.) Haymarket Check Tassel Key Charm ~ Burberry

3.) Punched Tin Lantern ~ Wunderley

4.) Silver Pouf ~ John Derian

5.) Nashelle Found Bracelet ~ Max & Chloe

6.) Cordon Collection ~ Z.Gallerie

7.) Party Lantern ~ World Buyers

8.)Twinkle Living ZigZag Pillow ~ All Modern

9.) Honeycomb Mirror ~ Pier 1 Imports

10.) Leather Slippers ~ Spotty Button

11.) Jack Rogers Lawn Party Clutch ~ Endless

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