Ms. Fine’s Finds : Summer Essentials


I am always on the lookout for fantastic people, places and things to share with you and in my travels and my day to day I come across a lot! “Ooooh! Sparkly things!….” Sound familiar? Yeah.
So, when I decided to bring on a couple more guest bloggers to share their bright and shiny corners of the world with you I had my work cut out for me.
My goal is to highlight lovely things that have “Curly Girl” written all over them. Delights of design, decoration, story telling, and just plain things and people we love!
I hope you enjoy them as much as I do and welcome them here with open arms.

Without further ado, I would love to introduce you to Ms. Ashley Fine. Many of you may be familiar with her fabulous blog. If you are not already making regular stops there…put it on your list! I have been a fan of Ashley’s style and colorful life for a couple of years now and have finally invited her here to share it with you. She has graciously obliged. Ashley has her finger on the pop-of-color-pulse in an effortlessly effervescent way that feels like a perfectly mixed cocktail on a perfectly warm evening. She will be bringing us a few of her favorites each month and I can’t wait!


Say Hello to Ashley!

A self-proclaimed color lover and a voracious fan of stripes and polka dots, Ashley Fine is a blogger and stylist who delights in the mundane. She's a proud military wife to an Air Force pilot (aka Flyboy). As a result, she's gotten used to packing up her knick-knacks and has rearranging a gallery wall down to an art form. Ashley currently lives in Hawaii with Flyboy and their two hairy hounds. If you're a fan of colorful ballet flats, you appreciate good card stock, or you're down for a fizzy drink (or two), you'll want to stop by her blog: One Fine Day.

My Summer Essentials:   

Chino Shorts: These are my absolute favorite shorts! They're just the right length, and they can be dressed up or kept casual. J.Crew's selection of colors is fabulous. You can bet the chrome green and bright indigo will be in rotation all summer long.

Striped Persephone Tank: I can't wait to get my hands on this classic top with a modern twist. The stripes paired with the punchy color combination equals summertime perfection.

Silk Satin Ankle Strap Sandals: An affordable and fun pair of sandals that add a pop of color to any ensemble. Sign me up!

Charmed Pouch: I'm a sucker for accessories and this pouch is an absolute bargain. It's one of those pieces that could double as a clutch or tossed in your beach bag or purse. As if the patterned pouch couldn't get any cuter, it's adorned with a festive heart keychain and pom-poms. Precious!

Beach Radio: Whether you plan on frequenting the pool or beach, this colorful and handy radio is essential. I can't get enough of the color selections, the unbeatable price, and the retro look.

Lobster Bottle Opener: The cutest and most festive way to crack open a cold one this summer. I'm smitten!

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