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I hate to complain, in fact, I all but promised to not complain about winter until March. However, we have just received our 4th foot of snow for the season in Boston. It should be noted that the first 3 are still there.

So, instead of laying facedown on the floor kicking, screaming and throwing a wee fit, I decided to seek inspiration. Here goes.

I love stripes! Like, LOOOOOOOOOVE them. Stripes can turn almost any surface into something cheerful, playful and often, chic.

They are a little wink to the fact that a little part of us wishes we lived in Paris, or was off to the seaside for a picnic of fruit and sandwiches. In my opinion, stripes know no season, though they are often heralds of spring, so today I have compiled a super selection of springy stripes. I must admit that I do not love all stripes or all applications for stripes, I love single color with white or tone on tone. Not too fat or too skinny and, though conventional wisdom often dictates otherwise, always horizontal. It must make the item or wearer feel fresh or plucky, never busy or too young. It is a delicate balance, but when done well… c'est magnifique!

Hope these lift your spirits today! What are your favorite pick-me-ups?

1.) Striped Umbrella by John Paul Gaultier ~ Opening Ceremony

2.) ELLE Striped Embroidered Tee ~ Kohls

3.) Stripey Scarf ~ Boden

4.) Palm Stripe Underwire Tank ~ J.Crew

5.) Tine K Home Grey Stripe Mug ~ Sue Parkinson

6.) Tine K Home Grey Stripe Bowl ~ Sue Parkinson

7.) Kimball Flat ~ Report at Endless

8.) Thread Social Sweater ~ Net-a-Porter

9.) Runched Front Bikini ~ Victorias Secret

10.) Striped Snap Gloves ~ Last Call

11.) Striped Canvas Dear Tote ~ Rebecca Minkoff

12.) Cabana Stripe Paper Weight ~ by Pencil Shavings Paper at Etsy

Have fun striping around!!!

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