Sunday Surfing -Last Minute Love


Photo from BenignObjects on Etsy

I was just catching up on my Google reader and checking out everyone’s DIY Valentine’s ideas when I stumbled on this at Joy Ever After. We have all made coupon books over the years (particularly when we were really really poor starving artist types and didn’t have much to give at the holidays. Or was that just me?) But these are the cutest I have seen yet!! They are from BenignObjects on Etsy.

Here are a few more of my fave ideas for the holiday from some of my fave blogs:
1.) Just love these happy hearts from Leslie at A Creative Mint!

2.) I am totally smitten with these DIY coffee wraps from Eat Drink Chic! So dang cute!

3.) I have had a long-time professional crush on Mr. Rob Ryan and it is thus furthered with his new papercuts.

4.) If i ever recover from my sugar cooke disappointment, I will make these beauties from Prudent Baby.

5.) This has nothing to do with Valentine’s day but I nearly died when I saw Sweet Paul’s new tattoo!! Amazing.

6.) Something chocolatey, delicious and healthy!?

Alrighty!! Enjoy that. A little light Sunday surfing. I am off to the vintage market! Tell you about it soon!


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