Sponsor Spotlight: Forgiving Works


Hello All!! I am thrilled to introduce you to one of our newest Sweetheart Sponsors, Lettie McArthur from For Giving Works. Her breathtakingly soulful handmade jewelry speaks right to my gypsy soul and I just know you are going to love it! Please take a moment to visit her shop and blog and tell her I sent you. You will not be sorry! I asked Lettie to tell me a little bit about her company  and here is what she had to say:


I make one of a kind jewelry – each piece is inspired by a vintage pendant or an artists charm.  The name For Giving Works was inspired by a story of forgiveness between two friends but it has evolved into a story centered around forgiving myself.  Too many years were wasted dwelling on what I believed to be my shortcomings – when I chose to forgive myself for what I considered to be my faults I found that they began to work for me instead of against me.  Forgiveness is magical….
I work out of my home in Vidalia, GA.  Most of my work is created while I sit on my porch.  I live in the woods in a small town and have learned to live globally by connecting with other artists from around the world.  I love that I can live beyond the city limits – so to say.
I have met many artists in other mediums and enjoy connections with them.  We share ideas and promote each other in a variety of ways.  Many have become close friends and I love them though I may never get to share a hug with any…..
I was inspired to find a business that I could do from my home  – I needed to bloom where I am planted.  I found that I had all of the “seeds in my packet” to do it – once I let go of the negative stuff that I had allowed to creep in.
My background is in Interior Design.  I started my career in Atlanta doing commercial design with a specilization in hospitality  – resorts and hotels, etc.   While working in Atlanta I met my husband Reid – a veterinarian – and we moved to Vidalia.  Reid grew up on a farm and we live in the city that is closest to it.  I grew up in Texas.
For Giving Works Jewelry has been in existence for about 2 yrs.  I work with anything thing that inspires me.  All necklaces are hand knotted using silk cord which gives them a wonderful movement unlike jewelry that is strung on plastic coated wire.  A friend of mine has called it “jewelry with intention” – I love that.  Most pieces find a home through a remarkable story or coincidence – many of these “god winks” I have shared in my blog.


Visit Lettie's Shop and her Blog or stop by and say hello on Facebook! Thanks for supporting these amazing sponsors!


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