Sponsor Spotlight: Lucy Ingels


Lucy Ingels is a mixed media artist and aspiring author whose work celebrates inspirational words. Her journey into the art world began as a child with a love for gluing things…sequins, beads, yarn, glitter or gravel onto other things; wood, cardboard, boxes, cloth and felt.  Lucy’s second love was reading…books, billboards, magazines and cereal boxes…anything with words.

She has spent many years collecting inspirational words like a literary magpie and developing her own style of art infused with whimsy. Lucy has used her talents to create two inspirational gift books, Tell Me, Please! and Whimsical Wisdoms, that contain a treasure trove of sayings, proverbs and/or quotations.  Both are awaiting their soulmate publisher.

Her charming Etsy shop is filled with handmade originals that tell a story.  All art incorporates a saying or proverb that conveys a jewel of wisdom. Whimsical embellishments and doo-dads are added to make each one of a kind piece made with love and joy.

Please check out her website and her shop and tell her Curly Girl sent you!


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