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Hi Guys! Happy Friday! I am SO excited to introduce you to one of our newest Sweetheart Sponsors, Susabelle Boutique. Christine Willard is not only a long-time Curly Girl fan, she is also one of our fine customers! She has put together a gorgeous web-based retail experience and has a mission to support American artisans. Her well-trained eye and loads of retail experience are on display at her beautiful e-boutique and isn't that lucky for us! Be sure to check out her site, and “Like” her shop on Facebook for a fabulous Curly Girl Give Away!

I asked Christine to tell me a little bit more about what she and her shop are about and here is what she said:

Susabelleboutique.com is a lifestyle e-boutique with a twist:  all of the product on our site is made in the USA. 

After owning a brick and mortar store for ten years, I wanted to come back to retail, but this time, it was time to “start something that matters”; there are a million websites out there, so,  I wanted this one to be one that stands out by helping others.  It’s my chance to help bring America back—even if this is my small way,  it’s still very important to me. I want to make buying made in the USA “tantalizingly chic”.  It’s become my mission!

The site is a spin-off of what I had created in my brick and mortar store.  Most of my inspiration for my creative process comes from my buying trips and travels.  I have always had a knack for picking up on trends—especially the next “what’s hot” or the next color trend.  When I am buying, I always try to put myself in my customer's shoes: “would this be something I would spend my hard earned money on?”

My work is unique in that I have managed to bring together an entire boutique—one that you would love to frequent on a regular basis—of products that are all made in the US. There was discussion on major networks that intimated that made in the USA was just too hard to find.  I took that as a challenge; after ten years of going to markets around the country, I knew it was out there; someone just had to make it all readily accessible.  I think that more folks would buy products made in the USA if they were more accessible.

Interestingly, I started my career in nursing! After a wonderful, long career with Johnson and Johnson, I let my creative side be expressed through my award-winning brick and mortar store, La Belle Maison.  After just under ten years as a brick and mortar store, a series of unfortunate events and circumstances led to its closing.  In very short order, I decided to move the store online.  But, as I mentioned, I wanted it to be more than just a store for my personal gain.  I wanted it to be something that was more about “economical consciousness” rather than just being another store.  Just think, even if we can create 5, 10, or 20 jobs by increasing business for American manufacturers, wouldn’t that be worth it?

Please check out our blog on www.susabelleboutique.com for more insight from our first blog entry.

Please take a minute to check out the fabulous stuff Susabelle's is doing! Check out the shop and stop by their Facebook Page , and mention this post for an exciting Curly Girl Give Away!!

Thanks for supporting those that support this blog!!



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