12 Days of Giving ~ Day #11


Welcome to Curly Girl’s 12 Days of Giving! Each day starting December 1st, a new gift will be opened and our fans can enter to win something marvelous!  It’s all a surprise, so no skipping ahead (I know, the anticipation!)

Our gifts come from a variety of amazing people, doing amazing things! Each a friend of Curly Girl, and we hope you will love them too!

Today’s Giveaway: Playful Statement Necklace from Marmalade!

Who doesn’t love a statement necklace? This one is particularly playful, with bead-fringe and eyecatching colors – perfect for your holiday soiree! One of many swoon-worthy pieces at Marmalade…hint hint…head on over and see for yourself!

ShopMarmalade | on Facebook | Enter to Win!

To enter the contest, there are a few things you’ve got to do!

First: You must like Curly Girl Design on Facebook!

Second: On our Facebook page you’ll see a tab that says 12 Days of Giving at the top of our Timeline.  Click it!  Open today’s date, click ‘Enter to Win!’ and provide a valid email address.  That’s it!

Third: You must like the Sponsor of the gift you are trying to win! No worries, there will be links in each gift so you know exactly where to go!

Fourth: Share! Ok, this isn’t required, but it is a fun event, so why not?!

Fine Print:

There are no substitutions or exchanges for prizes, so if you choose to enter and win a gift, that is exactly the gift you will receive.  On days where there are more than one gift to receive, items will be issued to winners at random.  Many gifts are time-sensitive so please check email and Facebook for winner announcements so we can get your mailing address.  That said, do not publicly post your mailing address! We will get it from you via email.  Questions about the contest or our wonderful sponsors? Email us at lauren [at] curlygirldesign [dot] com!

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