A little do – over.


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A while back I found these little darlings at a flea market. They were tired and weary too, but as it happens, not worn out. The pair of office chairs (there are two of the same) were relics from the 80's, circa when everything was covered in carpet. They were covered in a bland, itchy and pretty tired industrial fabric an though had a great, super comfortable shape, and an awesome steel rolling base, were just this side of  “Working Girl” and were headed for a life of office chair glass ceilings.

The little foot stool was just too cute to pass up with its cute feet and all-but-free price tag. I knew these guys had one good do-over left in them.

Several yards of fabric, a good bit of work (by someone far more skilled than myself) and a couple car trips later:

Voila!! These handsome devils are ready to take on some serious (or not so serious) office work or homework, or a few good hall -races if they find their way to a free-wheeling home! They currently sit in the Thanksgiving window at Marmalade but are hopeful to find a new home soon!! I just love them and thought I would share!!


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