Blog-i-versary Give-away #2: Local Love


Oh my heavens!! You guys!! I am just bowled over by the amount of comments and love and niceness from the first give-away post!! Thank You! I loved reading each one of your comments and got such a huge kick out of hearing your stories of how you came to know Curly Girl. I know I have said this before, but I can't resist the daydream of having all of you in the same room at the same time! What fun that would be!? I am just sure you would all love each other…and there would probably be cake…

I was thrilled to hear so many of you mention the local (or in many cases, Mlps airport- go Zozo!) shops where you found Curly Girl product, met me, or where you regularly stock up. These stores are the absolute heart and soul of what we do here. I could spend a lifetime making things that make your heart sing, but if no one is bringing it to you, its work is not being done.

These buyers and shop owners spend their days making beautiful spaces and experiences for you, they live in your communities, they support your towns and districts, they may even employ you or your children. They comb the world to bring you inspiring and wonderful things and to make something unique in your community. And in about 3000 cases nation wide, they have connected to my work and are connected enough to you to bring you Curly Girl Design. Many of them, like The Artful Hand Gallery in Chatham, MA, Helen Winnemore's in Columbus, OH and Domus, in NYC have been ordering from us since our very first trade show in 2004 (when we only sold 12 cards!).

That, friends, is community building. They have built this community. They have brought you to me. And for that, I am forever grateful.

So not only do they help build this wonderful little love-fest we are having here, but they quite literally keep us in business. Curly Girl does not exist if these wonderful places do not buy it, and so I think it is time to give them a shout out or two!

I know many of you did this in the first give-away, but please do it again so we can make sure as many little corners of Curly Girl Nation are being represented.

So here's the deal:

This one's for the die-hard card collector. The winner of this give-away will get a hand-selected collection of 40 different Curly Girl Cards to stash away or send. ALSO, whichever lucky local shop that the lucky winner mentions in their comment will also win! 20% off their next card order with us! Win-win!! I love winning!

To enter:

Comment on this post with the location and name of the store where you found, discovered or most frequently buy your Curly Girl product. You can make more than one comment if you have more than one fave store, but one store per comment please. You can also get additional entries by posting on the shop's facebook page or blog (if they have one) about this give-away and linking to it in a separate comment here.

Because there have been so many commenting, we are going to stretch this out a little, the winner will be chosen at 10am EST on Thursday Oct 13. Good luck and thanks for supporting your local stores!


Oh! We have a winner from the canvas give-away!! I used the super-sexy random number generator and it pulled:

Comment # 252, which is Tina Boogren!! :

Congratulations Tina! Emily will be in touch to get your canvas ordered!

Thanks again all, for your super-nice comments! You made it such a great year!


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