Blog-i-versary Give-away #5: Super Fan?


St. Louis Cardinals fan Caled Killian pays homage to the Rally Squirrel (Image: Jamie Squire/Getty Images)

Ceeeeeeelllebrate Gooood Tiiiiimes C'mon!!! doo doo doo do. It's a Cel-e-bra-tion… (Kool and the Gang? Anyone?)

I remember my Nana playing this record in her house when I was little. I thought that the St. Louis Cardinals SANG that song for the longest time. Now that I am an adult, I understand that it was Kool and the Gang (ahem, I may have been in college when I found out that the song wasn't written just for the Cardinals…) I believe it was a special edition record put out for the 1982 World Series win. You know, just one of oh, ELEVEN World Series wins for my hometown team! Congratulations Cardinals and St. Louis folks! Go Nuts!

Happy Monday to you all! I hope you had restful and snow-free weekends (though I know some of you did not. boo.) I am here today with my final (phew!) blog-i-versary give-away and I am looking for SUPER FANS.

Are you a Curly Girl Super Fan? If there were a Curly Girl plush suit would you run around in it?? (ha! I just got to laughing at the thought of that!) Do you think you love Curly Girl Design more than anyone else? I know you are out there … and I want proof!

The winner of this give away gets the mother-load of a Curly Girl Super Fan Stash. This will keep you outfitted in all the important ways for a good long while thus allowing you the free time to pursue other ways to show your Curly Girl Love. You will receive:

One “The World According to Curly Girl” 2012 Calendar (signed by me), a stack of Curly Girl Journals, a collection of super strong magnets and an armful of delightfully dotty and striped Curly Girl Pencils! Whether or not you choose to share with friends is up to you. We won't judge you.

All you have to do is tell me, or better yet, show me what makes you a super-fan in the comments section of this post. Get creative. Have fun with it. We love this stuff.

The winner will be chosen by the Curly Girl Staff (sorry sexy random number generator.) on Friday November 4th at 10am EST. Have Fun!!


OOH! We have a winner from last week's “Share the Love” Give-away!!
Thanks to all of you for putting those little seeds into the wind! I appreciate each one!

SSRNG picked:

Comment # 72:

The prize goes to Gina who shared on Facebook! Thanks Gina! Emily will be in touch to get your your loot!

Thanks All!!


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